Kito Ryu Jujitsu 7th degree


Judo 4th degree


Aikido Instructor


Hapkido 1st degree


Regional Representative Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu











Sensei Jack Garrett receiving official recognition by the United States Jujitsu Federation as a Life Member, as a 7th degree black belt in Minami Ryu Jujitsu and Minami Ryu Jujitsu officially recognized by the USJF.

Today there are countless styles of Jujitsu being advertised, but very few have legitimate roots in Japanese Jujitsu. My Sensei taught me Kito Ryu Jujitsu for over 20 years, this is the basis for the the system I now call Minami Ryu. Minami Ryu means Southern School or Style.

Over my 40 plus years of study I have trained in Judo, Aikido, Karatedo, Shiriji Kempo and Hapkido. Over those years I have met and trained with some of the greatest masters in the world. I have had the luxury of having instruction by Gozo Shioda Soke and founder of Yoshinkan Aikido and his Yasuhisa Shioda, Gogan Yamaguchi Soke of Japanese Goju Ryu Karatedo. I have also trained with Minoru Mochizuka Soke and founder of Yoseikan Budo.

Man has always had to overcome obstacles larger and stronger than himself, god has given the animals strength and weapons to easily crush and kill man. Yet man is still alive today and the master of his kingdom. Man could never have survived had he relied on his own puny strength to overcome his terrifying enemies. He used what god had given him that set him apart from the animals, his brain. He thought out ways to overcome the odds of weight and strength being used against him. He found that when he was attacked he could sidestep their attack and with tools both natural and man made defeat his attackers.

The science of Jujitsu is to use your opponent’s strength agents him, thus multiplying your own many times over. His weight, size, and the force in which he attacks are turned against him in the fight. Even the very clothes he wears (shirt, coat, heel of his shoe) are transformed into powerful allies for you, and when correctly applied will give you victory over strength.

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